The Community

Good News Community Church is the harvest of a handful of Northwestern students who in spiritual community wanted to put their faith into action.  They decided to start a church with economical empowerment at the forefront.  They spent time in discernment and finally decided over 30 years ago to plant seeds in Rogers Park.  Those seeds led to a multicultural community of faith.  Out of this church a school was started and a meal was weekly shared that today has become known as A Just Harvest.  You still have to walk through A Just Harvest kitchen which serves a hot meal 365 days a year to get to our sanctuary.  Our community today is multicultural and intergenerational  with an appreciation for gospel music.  We are warm, energetic, and authentic in our identity.  When we say no matter who you are on life’s journey we really really mean it.  Common to our community is sharing, fellowship, passing the peace, jubilant singing, and laughter but don’t just take our word come  join us and experience the community for yourself.